By | March 1st, 2018

For us at IKON, the new month of March brings new events and showcasing our recommended unforgettable destinations to you, our valued travelers! This past month, our Co-Founder, Investor and wine connoisseur Tony Bryant hosted a private premium Spanish wine tasting which featured one of our top recommended wine estates; Bodegas Pago de los Capellanes. And, with the success of our last event at Marbella Isles in Naples, on the 7th of April, Maria Ferrera and Tony will be introducing our Spain destination as well as feature Spanish wines with exclusive tastings to be hosted at the same venue. Lastly, we are proud to announce that we are officially BBB accredited. BBB or Better Business Bureau will help you find, recommend and review our IKON brand. On our profile you will be able to request a quote making your next trip to Spain or Africa that much easier!

If you are traveling to Spain during the month of March then you can expect to be blown away by a line-up of events. For the music lovers, Madrid will host Franz Ferdinand, Bob Dylan, Milky Chance and Harry Styles all during this month. Fiestas include the Festival of La Magdalena, Easter drums in Hellína and the Fallas bonfire festival of San José in Valencia. For the foodies, the North of Spain, Soria and surroundings all celebrate the beginning of Truffle Season. If you haven’t already planned your next vacation to Spain, there is still time and our IKON Team are on call 24/7.
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With its staggering landscapes, well-preserved medieval villages, picturesque wine regions, the beautiful Bay of Biscay, Asturias Principality and the Santiago de Compostela city, Northern Spain is a destination worth being explored. For a unique historical experience, Galicia would be the ideal stop. Galicia is significant for the pilgrim route – Camino de Santiago.


Intertwined with the Atlantic Ocean, Galicia is located in the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula and is a destination worth exploring. From high hills to rolling fields, Galicia is an everlasting green landscape. Its rugged coast, untouched beaches and mild climate makes Galicia the green jewel of Spain – our best kept travel secret. Each city, village or trail is symbolic and reflects Galicia’s heritage and traditions. The Galician culture takes pride in their Celtic heritage and native language, Galego and boasts some of the best seafood and wines in Spain.

Hosted Journey


This expertly guided Hosted Journey will take you on a trip through Galicia, from the Rías Altas to the Rías Bajas. Highlights will include historical lighthouses, crossing some of Europe’s highest cliffs, visiting Romanesque churches in Ribeira Sacra, sailing to the islands of Cíes where the beaches are among some of the most beautiful in the world, to tasting exceptional Albariño wines. Relaxation and fun also have a space in this itinerary: enjoy a fun Galician cooking workshop and other gastronomic delights of the region.

View Galicia from the North to South: Here

IKON Uncorked

Dear IKON Uncorked readers, it is with excitement that I write about the Pinotage varietal (grape type) for this month’s newsletter. When thinking about wine, we should always think about the fruit (grape) and how the juice from this fruit is the basis for a wines essence.