Hosted Journeys

We believe that our specially themed and privately guided journeys set us apart from the rest of the travel companies out there. This style of travel we call Hosted Journeys and it allows us to create amazing experiences by offering a privately guided itinerary for a small group of like-minded travelers.

For these types of Journeys we include a private guide that will accompany you from the time that you arrive in the destination to the time that you leave.

Your Hosted Journeys will include guest contributors to give special talks on food, wine, conservation, open attractions, or facilities on a private basis that will normally not be open to the public. We will interact with winemakers, chefs, expert photographers, historians and create special interactions with locals to learn more about their culture.

Your specialist Host Guide will ensure that your travel experiences go as seamless as possible while giving professional insight about the destinations that we offer.


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