IKON Footprint


IKON creates meaningful journeys that impact lives. Not only have we researched this from a client perspective but also from the areas of the world in which we have visited. We have realized the importance of treading lightly, protecting, assisting others and giving back. Our main focal point when providing our travel expertise is to design travel itineraries that leave an “IKON Footprint”. IKON strongly believes in contributing towards two major fields namely Wildlife Protection and Child Education.

IKON have partnered with organizations that share a similar mindset and do their bit to improve the lives within local communities, save and protects wildlife, and operates in an ethical manner. Our partners include: The Great Plains Foundation, The Singita Conservation Trust, Air Shepherd (A program of the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation) and the Tujatane School Trust.

Every IKON itinerary that we create will contribute towards these Foundations and Projects. We strongly believe in being a part of developments and sustainability that strives to protect our wildlife and local communities.

We are always on the lookout for more significant projects and organizations in which we can partake.

Conservation Projects