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Bodegas Pago de los Capellanes is located in Pedrosa de Duero, in the heart of the Ribera D.O. and owned by Paco Rodero and his wife Conchita Villa. It all started with Paco’s grandfather Doroteo Rodero who had a small plot with Tempranillo vines, and as a youngster, Paco took to winemaking with huge passion.

“I have a great deal of respect for Paco and in fact I sold my vineyard located in Sotillo de la Ribera to Paco after speaking with more than 15 other producers who were interested in my 30-year-old vines. It took us less than 10 minutes to seal the deal and the world would be a much simpler place if there were more people like Paco.” – Tony Bryant

Paco’s team is led by winemaker Paco Casas and they are producing award-winning, powerfully structured reds with Tempranillo. The wines include a joven (young red with 5 months of oak), crianza (12 months in French oak barrels) and a reserva (14 months in fine grained French Oak barrels). There are also two single vineyard (parcela) wines Parcela el Picon y Parcela El Nogal.

Maria and I had the chance to do a private visit a few months back and the wines are world class!

Pago de los Capellanes winery features spectacular architecture and modern facilities for tasting as well as a multimedia room where you can view a video created and edited by Paco’s son. The video shows time lapsed images of a full season in Ribera del Duero with powerful imagery and music that really brings home the aspects that make reds from this region some of the best in the world.

The harsh long winters, alkaline, sandy or clay soils and brief but intense summers really do contribute to a highly concentrated fruit. Combine this with a wood fired suckling lamb and some cured sheepsmilk cheese and you will never want to leave.

On a final note, I am excited to report that Paco Rodero and his team have invested in 12 hectares in Galicia on some prime granite and slate soils planted with the Godello white varietal, and are producing two whites including one fermented in oak and another fermented on its lees.

Trust me on this! If you have not tried well-crafted whites from Spain made with the Godello grape then you are about to be shocked. In time these wines may even rival my favorite Chardonnays coming from Burgundy.

Maria and I can’t wait to take you to visit Bodegas Pago de los Capellanes, meet with Paco, taste their wines and savor their fine Castilian cuisine. I hope you all enjoy the photographs.

Written by Tony Bryant, Co-Founder & Investor at IKON

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Photographs are property of Pago de los Capellanes