About us

IKON is a boutique experiential travel company that prides itself in working closely with our distinguished clients to create a vision for their personal journey, and to subsequently deliver on this vision with unbridled passion. We know that precious memories combined with deep emotions are more valuable than any earthly possession. Sharing these elements with the right people, in the right setting and at the right time make for true luxury.

IKON was formed as a result of a honeymoon to Africa and our passion for showing the authentic Spain through our own eyes.  Africa and Spain have that special effect on people and through our IKON journeys we want our clients to not only travel but to experience the destinations that we offer.

The CORE VALUES which guide our company include:

  • ETHICAL TRAVEL – Travel provides an opportunity to interact with, to learn from, and to contribute to local indigenous communities in a sustainable manner. This is a belief that all of us have a responsibility to protect and conserve the precious wildlife and ecosystems that are found in the destinations we work with.
  • INNOVATION – We work hard to create new experiences and strive to do things more differently than others. Our IKON team have a duty to provide our customers with memories that go beyond their expectations. We also believe that luxury comes in many forms and that it can often be found in the simplest of places.
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING – The relationships that we build and preserve with our employees, service providers and local destination communities are built on trust and respect. These relationships are equally important to those we hold with our clients. Without these relationships we wouldn’t be able to deliver on our vision.
  • SERVICE – Our team has over 100 years of combined experience within the travel industry, and we make every effort to go above-and-beyond for our clients. We are experienced savvy travelers and are aware of the value of a highly personalized service; and at the end of each journey we strive to count our clients as friends.
  • GIVING BACK – Our Signature Journey´s provide a unique opportunity to expose our clients directly to high-impact conservation programs, and we proudly donate a portion of our revenues to these initiatives. The work that we do and the prestigious projects we support help to sustain the wildlife, art and indigenous communities in the countries we work with.

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