By | July 6th, 2017

Founded by Dereck and Beverly Joubert, The Great Plains Conservation protects and secures Africa’s landscapes, its wildlife and local communities under threat. This proud initiative finds ways to generate economic benefits which helps support social upliftment and wildlife preservation.

Rhinos Without Borders

Great Plains Foundation forms part of this non-profit organization and makes up various conservation and community projects sponsored solely by donations and one of these conservation projects is Rhinos Without Borders.

Rhinos Without Borders aim to move 100 rhinos to safer territories and thus far have successfully translocated 38 rhinos. Even more exciting news is that of the 38 rhinos, 7 calves have already been born and Dereck has speculated that an additional 4 rhinos are pregnant!!!.

In a recent newsletter sent out across the globe, Derek Joubert states, “We are doing the right thing. Without our collective efforts I am convinced, that the story of the rhinos of Africa would have a very different ending.”

Find out more about this fantastic initiative: www.rhinoswithoutborders.com

Help save a rhino by going to: www.greatplainsfoundation.com/rhinos

IKON Footprint

Every IKON journey that we create will contribute towards these foundations and projects. We strongly believe in being a part of developments and sustainability that strives to protect our wildlife and local communities.

View: www.iconic-journeys.com/iconic-footprint

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Images are property of Great Plains Conservation and Beverly Joubert.