Travelling Style Series by Maria

By | January 20th, 2023

In partnership with Naples Lifestyle Magazine, IKON will customize one of a kind trips to Spain, Portugal and Africa for the magazine´s discerning clientele. An itinerary to make friends, create everlasting memories and discover why traveling is one of the finest pleasures you can have. Enjoy these destinations at their best with a team of professionals in the field , unique and exclusive experiences all along with a concierge service during your trip dedicated just to you.

Epicurean Trip to Madrid & Southern Spain

Wake up to the sound of a bustling city!

Start your trip in Madrid with a local host who will take you to discover the history of this vibrant city through its people, architecture and finish up your day dining at one of the oldest restaurants in Spain with the charm of old times and one of a kind wines. On your second day, your private guide will take you to visit the amazing Toledo Alcazar and understand the Jewish and Sephardic influence in the city. In the evening your taste buds will sit at a Michelin restaurant to kiss the stars. Next day, enjoy a proper tapas tour at unique bars around Madrid savoring the city lifestyle and cheering up your day with a private Flamenco show. Once in Seville, mesmerize yourself with its breath-taking architecture, joyous lifestyle and wonderful gastronomy in the most pure Andalusian style. At down enjoy a cooking lesson at a chef´s studio to learn all the flavors and aromas of the Spanish cuisine.. On this journey of discovery, the natural park of Aracena, home of the best Iberian Ham in the world, is awaiting for you in Huelva. Spend the day in the Dehesa in true countryside style. You can´t leave Spain without sipping into one of the most unique wines in the world. The universe of Sherry wines will open up your senses in your visit to Jerez. By the hands of an expert oenologist, you will get to nderstand the particularities of the soil, the climate and the grapes that make sherry so unique. Last but not least, Ronda will show you in just a day a breath-taking town and a fascinating new wine scene in Southern Spain including lunch in a private winery. As a way to say good bye to this epicurean adventure, elevated flavors of the south will be cooked for you by an acclaimed Michelin chef at his restaurant.

An exclusive trip you won`t want to miss: surrounded by new friends, guided by local experts with a concierge service all along the way.

Dates: 16-24 October, 2023

Maximum capacity 12 pax      

Deposit by 15 March 

Call 727 5044537 or email [email protected] for enquires and reservations.

Spain awaits for you !!!