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A week ago, I along with a friend from South Africa decided to go on a search for some authentic Kenyan cuisine. The idea came from the fact that we needed *Dawa (or medicine in Swahili) as he landed in Kenya without a voice.

Upon checking out the local area where they serve Dawa, we opted with Nyama Mama. This joint is kind of a late discovery, though at the moment they already have three branches.

After ordering a great jug of Dawa with a side pot of honey – to sooth the throat – we embarked on devouring the menu. Nyama Mama is unpretentious, bursts with color and offers a stupendous atmosphere; you will find yourself coming back for more. As if the restaurant isn’t enough, they also have a small intimate bar on the side where diners can enjoy pre-drinks, drinks to enjoy during your meal or one for the road.

Seeing as my dining partner could not – so to say – speak for himself and seeing as I was the local, it was decided that I would choose the food for the evening. I opted for the chunky sweet potato fries, chickpea curry with chapatti, lamb chops, and to end off we had goat stew with *Ugali. The atmosphere encompassed outside music coming from a local band combined with tranquil sounds of rain, the aromas of fresh coffee and had us eating blissfully with our fingers.

Having had our fill, we washed down the last few drops of Dawa as we enjoyed the rest of our evening. All in all, the ambience was superb and the African twist can be seen in the restaurant’s interior and very pristine environment which left us ogling at the most beautiful pillows. This is a must visit at least 77 times in a lifetime.

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*Ugali – also sometimes called kimnyet, sima, sembe, obokima, kaunga, dona, obusuma, ngima, arega or posho and is a dish made of maize flour (cornmeal), millet flour, or Sorghum flour (sometimes mixed with cassava flour) cooked in boiling liquid (water or milk) to a stiff or firm dough-like consistency

*Dawa – a Kenyan cocktail consisting of honey, lime, white sugar, ice and vodka.

Written by Lucy Njeri, Senior Safari Specialist at IKON

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