IKON is a proud supporter of Air Shepherd. Air Shepherd is a program founded by the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation. The program prides itself in sustaining the Lindbergh’s’ legacy in using technology to balance the effects of human development on the environment. Learn more at Air Shepherd & Lindbergh Foundation

Exactly how does IKON support the brave preservation work being carried out by the Air Shepherd Team? A percentage of IKON’s revenues are allocated to the Air Shepherd foundation which is then used to fund the flying teams in South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Three more countries – Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia have been added.

Air Shepherd and IKON have teamed up to create unique experiences whereby our clients can partake in real life anti-poaching operations. This offers our clients a chance to be on the front line of the battle for conservation. It’s a life changing experience and leads to private additional donations to support the cause.

Why does IKON support Air Shepherd? It’s quite simple and ingenious; Air Shepherd make use of drones that fly at night and find poachers before they reach the wildlife. The results have been proven, it works and the poaching stops!

With elephants and rhinos under huge threat, Air Shepherd believe that it is their duty to preserve their ecosystems and wildlife for future generations.

  • Since 2007 Rhino poaching has increased 9000% in Africa alone!
  • Every 14 minutes an Elephant is killed!
  • Every 9-11 hours a Rhino is slaughtered!
  • At the current rate, every Rhino and Elephant will be EXTINCT WITHIN 10 YEARS.
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