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Western Andalucía

Our Western Andalucía Signature Journey will lead you through cobbled town squares, narrow alleyways, white villages, busy markets and let you experience authentic Spanish cuisine. Located in southern Spain, Andalucía offers travelers unbeatable experiences and will leave you awestruck.

Your journey begins in Seville, a lively town filled with energy, passion and a diverse culture. Discover the town’s beautiful architecture and history with a visit to Seville’s cathedral which is one of the third largest in the world. Another unmissable icon is a trip to Alcázar, considered one of Europe’s oldest palaces; here you will have the opportunity to wander through the manicured gardens still used by the Royal Family.

For an authentic nightlife experience, you will enjoy the local bar scene with its traditional menus, culture and the opportunity to savor Seville’s gastronomic cuisine. In Seville you will experience traditional home-cooked meals, visit local restaurants, pubs and a few other surprises (which we won’t mention).

Spend some time exploring Andalucía by horse-back with a unique trail experience through the sun kissed rolling hills. Andalucía is well-known for its toreros (bullfighting) and is a cultural sport and an art on its own. Learn about the brave bull and their breeders as they invite you into their homes for an introduction to their way of life.

From the brave bull to the pig, next you will discover the renowned Jamón ibérico, “Iberian ham” (a Spanish delicacy) and learn about the place where these pigs wander – The Aracena Natural Park. The Aracena Natural Park is home to endless forests of evergreen oaks where Ibérico pigs roam free and you will have the privilege of meeting a farmer who is solely devoted to raising these pigs.

The next part of your journey takes you to Sierra de Aracena in the north-western region of Seville. Here you will find a quaint town with stone walls, medieval castles, a beautiful countryside and is significant for its Sherry’s. In Sierra de Aracena you will uncover renowned Sherry’s and gain first-hand experience to how they are produced.

To round off your Western Andalucía Signature Journey, you will experience the Almadraba Tuna Tradition, an ancient fishing technique and enjoy a tuna-inspired degustation menu at one of Andalucía’s renowned restaurants.



  • Cobbled town squares and white villages
  • Village markets
  • Authentic Andalucían cuisine
  • The Alcázar, one of Europe’s oldest palaces
  • Andalucían nightlife
  • Horse-back trail exprience through Andalucía
  • Learn about the Spanish delicacy, Jamón ibérico, “Iberian ham”
  • Savor renowned Sherry’s in Sierra de Aracena
  • Visit an olive oil producer
  • Experience the Almadraba Tuna Tradition