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The Light of Sepharad

Iberian Peninsula or Sepharad was the name given by Spanish Jews referring to a biblical place of uncertainty and remains an integral part to Spanish history.

The Light of Sepharad is a luxurious Signature Journey, leading you through a land of splendor with fascinating highlights and unforgettable locations. You will not only sense the historical Jewish presence in the Iberian Peninsula but will also be inspired as this is a unique itinerary crafted by our own Jewish expert.

Your Signature Journey will start in the contemporary city of Barcelona and Girona, a mere 99 km’s from Barcelona. The Jewish community played a significant role in the development of Girona, and is well-known for their Kabbalists teachings and mystical schools. In the town of Besalú you will visit the medieval Jewish bath house, “Mikveh”, Besalú’s old Jewish quarter, museums and view some of Europe’s alluring Romanesque art.

For a symphony of color, sensation and emotion, your next destination will be the city of Granada. Here you will experience the Moorish-inspired alley ways, quarters and markets as well as the city’s most enchanting palace, the Alhambra.

Next you will travel to Úbeda, one of Southern Spain’s most fascinating cities. Wander through the city’s unearthed “Synagoga del Agua” built around many water wells, and walk beneath the synagogue’s stunning structure gazing upon its beautifully curved stone ceiling. From Úbeda you will travel to what is commonly known as the pearl of Sepharad, the town of Lucena, where you will visit the recently discovered necropolis.

Andalucía’s capital, Seville will follow after your journey to Lucena and will include a journey of monumental heritage, culture and gastronomy. Visit Córdoba, a Spanish city significant for the birth of world famous Rabbi Moses ben Maimon and be in awe of the city’s breath-taking mosques.

The Light of Sepharad Signature Journey will include tours of Extremadura, Cáceres and Hervás. Cáceres includes age-old palaces, narrow streets and old Jewish quarters while Hervás showcases small charming villages in the mountains, and exudes Jewish traditions. Just close to the end of your trip, IKON will take you to Toledo, known as the “Jerusalem of the West” and where you will visit two synagogues and the Jewish Toledo Visitor Centre. We will also privately book an authentic Sephardic dinner at the Galiana Palace, with live traditional music.



  • Historical Spanish tour
  • Expertly guided
  • Contemporary city of Barcelona
  • Kabbalists teachings in Girona
  • Medieval Jewish bath house
  • Besalú’s old Jewish quarter
  • Europe’s alluring Romanesque art
  • Moorish-inspired alleyways and markets
  • Alhambra of Granada
  • Breath-taking mosques