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Protect Africa’s Endangered Wildlife

A significant element to Africa and its people is the wildlife which inhabits it. Rangers and conservationists aspire to save and protect as much of Africa’s Endangered Species as humanly possible. Africa’s wildlife is what sets the continent apart from any other, and plays a huge role within the ecosystem and the great circle of life.

For many years, Rhinos roamed freely across our lands. Our natives Black Rhino and White Rhino could be found in Southern African countries such as Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe – today both are Critically Endangered. Across the globe Rhinos and Elephants are illegally poached and slaughtered for their horns and tusks.

With IKON you have the initiative to spread awareness and help be the voice for Africa’s wildlife. We have a vision for all Africa’s Endangered Species and our aim is to expose our travelers to a number of conservation projects that are fighting to keep them alive.

Contact our expert IKON team to find out how you can experience and become a part of conservation projects and researchers with a very unique hands-on experience.



  • Help contribute towards conservation projects
  • Big five game viewing
  • African wildlife
  • Photographic opportunities