Extremadura , in many ways, the undiscovered side of Spain, is located in western Spain, bordering Portugal. One of Iberia’s last undiscovered gems, it maintains its authenticity but yet elegantly incorporating it into the present. At the core of Extremadura’s elegance is its profound beauty and health of its nature. As one of the last virgin paradises of Southern Europe, much of Extremadura remains untouched and protected. It has more than 50 protected wildlife areas, reflecting the extraordinary natural variety of the region, from its mountains and valleys to plains and babbling rivers.
It is one of the most outstanding destinations for Nature lovers. The Monfragüe National Park, designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it is a rare and magnificent example of a virgin Mediterranean ecosystem what makes it perfect for birdwatching.
For a refreshing and invigorating dip, it has 50 freshwater bathing areas to choose from small natural swimming pools dotting the gently flowing rivers and reservoirs. The perfect scape to tune into pure Nature.

When it comes to its cuisine, it is a perfect reflection of the land itself: pure, diverse and delicious showing the deep appreciation its people has for life, land and good food, respecting practices passed down from generations, the local product and thus achieving a simplicity full of flavor and character.
The region is the top producer of jamón ibérico de bellota, the iconic Spanish ham that comes from black Iberian pigs feeding on fallen acorns while the roam freely on the dehesa. Extremadura is also home to the well-known Pimentón de la Vera paprika, some of the world’s best olive oil, Torta del Casar cheese, local wine, exceptional cherries, juicy tomatoes and other favorite meats such as goat or lamb. This uniqueness has given rise to ten protected Designations of Origen (DO) products.

Don´t miss their Ribera del Guadiana wines. An excellent opportunity to pair them with the delicious local specialites.

Extremadura also counts with a great historical and artistic heritage which is perfectly preserve in cities like Cáceres, Badajoz, Mérida, Plasencia, Trujillo and Zafra. Enjoy the views of the Alcazaba, fortress, dating from XII century, a Roman amphitheater and theater which host the Classical International Theater Festival each Summer. Visit the only National Museum of Roman Art, walled cities, churches, convents, palaces and Jewish quarters. Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews, and Christians have defined their identity here for centuries making of Extremadura a place to get lost in time and discover different cultures.
Embark in the Silver Route, which such an strategic importance to Spain, visit the villages where explorers like Hernan Cortés, Pizarro or Vasco Nuñez de Balboa were born. Get lost in Coria, Las Hurdes and Sierra de Gata, destinations which conserve traditions and slifestyes of years gone by.

It is just a drive away from international airports like Lisbon, Madrid and Seville. No excuses to make it another item on your bucket list. Let IKON tailor your scape to this gem of the Iberian peninsula.

From its natural produce to its incredible beauty and historic heritage, Extremadura will remain as one of your best Spanish discoveries.



  • An undiscovered gem maintaining its authenticity
  • Protected wildlife areas. A Nature´s lovers destination
  • Authentic cuisine passed from generations to generations
  • Outstanding historical and artistic heritage
  • Unique local ingredients and products
  • Only National Museum of Roman Art
  • Best Iberian ham producers.
  • Birdwatching paradise