Victoria Falls, The Smoke that Thunders

By | June 15th, 2020

Honeymoon destination to both owner Maria & myself, Olivia – this destination is special to both of us and truly one of the most magnificent places in Africa. This romantic, magical river and waterfall has a way of creeping into hearts, and we can both speak from experience that you cannot go wrong choosing to honeymoon here.

Zambia & Zimbabwe both offer the most magnificent combination of romantic sunsets and settings, still incorporating that drum beat of Africa that speaks to the heart – every time. This is undoubtedly a perfect honeymoon destination for anyone looking for something slightly different, romantic and exploratory.

The best time to visit the falls is between February and May at the tail end of the rainy season, the river is full and the waterfall at its most magnificent. That said, the dry season allows for swimming in Devil’s Pool and you won’t be trying to photograph through lots of spraying water. 

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World

This natural wonder of the world is known to be the worlds’ largest curtain of falling water this superlative sites’ spray can be seen from miles away at the height of the rainy season (January – March).  With more than 5 hundred million cubic meters of falling water per minute you can imagine why the spray is so prominent when hitting the bottom of the gorge nearly 2km from the edge, double the height of Niagara Falls, and half a kilometer wide.

Traveling afar after a busy time of planning and heightened wedding stress means that the ability to relax is imperative. Taking away romantic experiences and new learned adventures makes for one amazing honeymoon and Victoria Falls is the perfect combination of romantic river cruises, beautiful birdlife, the sounds of nature, the a true escape from the city.

Combining stays in both Zambia and Zimbabwe allows for more extensive exploration. Both countries have their own beauty in experiencing The Falls, and both offer experiences unique to their origin.  

The Mighty Zambezi River has something about it that honestly stays with you forever, a very romantic place indeed, one that quickly became one our favorite places on earth.

  1. River Cruise :: Zambezi River (Zambia or Zimbabwe)

A perfect way to start your first evening on honeymoon is on one of the cruises on the Zambezi. The river has a way of instantly stealing your heart; the mixture of the tranquil red sunset and the dangerous waters below give it some kind of juxtaposed mystery. It’s as if the river has stories and secrets that it never tells and yet whispers to you through its magnificence.

Whilst being served drinks and canapes onboard the African Queen, look out for some families of hippos, elephants drinking at the waters’ edge, crocodiles and beautiful birdlife. Starting your trip along the river that forms the beautiful waterfall is somewhat fitting to the beginning of a lifetime together.

  • Forest Walkway :: Zimbabwean Side

Visiting Victoria Falls in the early morning means beating the crowds; great for getting some less crowded photographic opportunities. The walkway through the lush forest on the Zimbabwean side gives you a front-face postcard view. Although many opt to wear a raincoat, however, if you dare, embrace the experience and feel the shower on your faces and bodies – an awesome memory to have. Kissing under an umbrella, soaked from head to toe with the falls in the background makes for an amazing honeymoon photo memory too!

Depending on the time of year that you visit, the water will be at various capacities, altering your photographic opportunities, and will determine just how wet you are likely to get. Umbrellas really are not much help and taking a raincoat does not reduce how wet your shoes will get. It is ideal to have a hotel that’s close by in case you would prefer to change clothing before moving on with the rest of your day. – we will help you with that!

At the far end of the gorgeous green (rain) forest there is a rock that jots out a bit closer to the water. During March, at this spot you can truly feel the waters’ spray, absorb the beauty and majesty of the falls, and walk away drenched. If you are a spur of the moment kind of person, then absorbing every minute of this experience and allowing yourselves to just take it in and deal with the consequences later is really worth it.

  • Devils Pool :: Livingstone Island

The most exhilarating experience of the falls by far is the thrill of swimming to the edge and peering 2km down into the gorge below, holding onto nothing but a rope. We soon realized the risk of losing our bottoms to the current!

As you approach Livingstone Island by boat, you are welcomed by a lovely team that are there to serve lunch and guide you to Devils’ pool. There are various pools to swim in depending on the time of year that you are visiting. This is truthfully a once in a lifetime experience. Picture swimming up to the edge, peering over into a spray that you know is blocking the view of a drop to a rocky gorge all whilst hanging for dear life onto a rope that you are fully trusting is strong enough to hold you – a thrill that is unexplainable.

This place integrates peaceful, lush nature with ruthless waters; a wild combination of beauty and danger. Lying at the end of the waterfall, peering into the gorge, you can’t help but feel the rapid beat on your back of the water coming to the edge, this beat that continues and repeats itself as if reminding you that something big is about to happen.

  • Flight of the Angels :: Helicopter flip over the falls

The view from above the falls is awe-inspiring and worth the short flight. It is particularly fascinating to see and learn how corrosion has played its part in forming the falls over hundreds of years. Created by a shift in water systems which has created a zigzag pattern, making the falls shift back, at an opposite angle over hundreds of years. Should you look closely you can see that the falls has already created the turn and is eroding backwards again.

There is nothing as romantic as flying, and when there is a view like this, it’s likely you will be reminded of why you chose to honeymoon here.

Flying up the river from the falls, one is quickly reminded of the vast lands of Africa and the distance from the busy cities of modern day life. The reality is, in such a busy, modern world, we still have thriving natural land like this and it really is a wonder.

You must know a destination holds some weight for long lasting memories when it beckons your return. Victoria Falls and all that can be experienced around the Mighty Zambezi River is a very special place. There really is an African beat that you somehow feel at every corner and bend when absorbing this muddle of beauty and danger, and it never leaves you – this is a place that reminds you of your vulnerability in the world, and the importance of mentally documenting every minute as you go through life.  In our opinion a top honeymoon choice!