By | January 31st, 2017

This Lodge with a colossal size of +- 130 000 hectares is owned by a very influential South African family and was voted National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World. The experience that this Lodge offers is a must-visit.

Hosting a maximum of 30 guests – divided between 2 lodges, Motse Lodge and the Tarkuni Private Villa – ensures guests do not to feel as if they’re on top of each other.

Every Safari booking receives an allocated private guide, vehicle and their own personal tracker, leaving you to customize your safari to your needs. This is great for guides as well because they can dedicate all their time and skills to their guests.

The uniqueness of the animals found in this area will blow away any expectations. Species include black-maned lions, meerkats and bat-eared foxes. If you are very fortunate then you may even catch a glimpse of the highly endangered and very rarely seen pangolin.

I will never forget my first sighting of this magical animal at Tswalu. It was +- 30 minutes before sunset. While driving through an open clearing we heard a certain bird (a Lapwing) giving an alarming call. We looked back and there was this magnificent animal!!! My guests and I were over the moon and we spent the next 45 minutes admiring and photographing this remarkable creature.

Other activities include horse riding, spending either a morning or afternoon on foot with an habituated gang of Meerkats, a bush walk where you will be able to get out of the comfort of your vehicle and learn about the fauna and flora of the Green Kalahari and get to grips with the art of tracking with Tswalu’s many talented trackers.

One of the many superb tracking experiences I had at Tswalu was following their North pride on foot for 3 hours. Along with my tracker, Simpiwe, we managed to interpret/follow the tracks and found the whole pride on a fresh Zebra kill.

The culinary delights served at Tswalu are out of this world. From tasting menu’s paired with wine to food being served outdoors in bush bomas. It is here that guests will be able to savor every moment under the stars. This MILLION STAR restaurant will not disappoint.

Written by Gary Parker, Private Guide, Photographer and Marketer at IKON