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Benguela Diamond Safari

Add sparkle to your life and jet off early morning from Cape Town to Port Nolloth by private charter for an exclusive journey beneath the waters of the Cape.

We head out to the diamond fields along the West Coast exploring a private offshore concession an hour south of the Namibia border in search of the treasures that the waters hold. Benguela Diamonds has identified this niche market and takes you on a journey through the exciting world of the underwater diamond mining process. This makes for an unique adventure few travelers get to experience.

Upon arrival you will meet your host and enjoy a decadent breakfast at a contemporary villa with a briefing of the day’s activities. After breakfast, suite-up and head out into the Atlantic and join the dive masters in search of diamonds.

The trained divers operate the machinery which separates the stones, keeping the larger and heavier stones in a pan to source through later. Back on dry land at the villa, during the sorting process you will learn more about the grading of diamonds and their unique characteristics that give them individual value.

Return to Ellerman House by private jet and enjoy dinner alongside your bottle of Dom Pérignon perfectly paired to your evening meal rounding off this day of sparkles.



  • Fly from Cape Town to Port Nolloth on-board a private jet charter
  • Luxurious villa along the coast
  • Breakfast and briefing
  • Exquisite views overlooking the coast
  • Join the Benguela dive masters (Padi Open Water 1 certificate required)
  • Private chef and gourmet lunch at the villa
  • Local fresh seafood paired with award-winning wines
  • Learn about the grading of diamonds
  • Choose your own diamond to be cut and polished
  • Dinner in Cape Town at the private Ellerman Villa