Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands situated a few degrees south of the equator in the Indian Ocean and boasts endless picture perfect beaches, thriving coral reefs and protected bio-reserves as well as the extremely rare giant Aldabra tortoises..

Fly into Seychelles International Airport on the capital island of Mahé and make your way to your very own private getaway. Being remote and wide-spread the Seychelles has fewer visitors, offers privacy, is highly exclusive and features many privately owned, sparsely populated islands that all serve the dual-purpose of ultra-exclusive retreats and wildlife sanctuaries. Its gastronomy has been highly influenced by the eclectic mix of cultures and ethnicity of the locals. The Creole cuisine alone features the nuances of French influenced cooking combined with the exotic influences of Indian cuisine and the provocative flavors of the Orient.

For such a small island country the Seychelles has a vibrant art scene which includes many painters, sculptors, writers, poets, musicians, dancers and a variety of artisans.

As far as the climate is concerned, the temperature rarely drops below 24°C (75° Fahrenheit) or rises above 32°C (89° Fahrenheit). Most of the archipelago islands lie outside the cyclone belt making Seychelles’ a year-round destination.

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Seychelles is home to endless picture perfect beaches, thriving coral reefs and protected bio-reserves as well as the extremely rare giant Aldabra tortoises.



  • Conveniently reached with direct flights from Cape Town
  • Interesting colonial architecture
  • Stable and safe environment
  • Friendly native English speakers
  • Vibrant art scene
  • Swim with whale sharks and learn more about them
  • Thriving coral reefs
  • Turquoise waters
  • Hiking mountain rainforests
  • Exotic cuisine & diversity