Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, known as the Garden of the Hesperides, is a unique Spanish archipelago with tropical weather and nutrient rich volcanic soils, making it the perfect island getaway.

In Greek Mythology, the Garden of the Hesperides lays in the far western corner of the world, near Africa’s Atlas Mountains, and was a garden of apple groves enriched with golden apples. The golden apples were believed to give everlasting immortality and were protected by Ladon, a dragon with one hundred heads.

Although the Canary Islands are closely linked, each island has a distinctive character and is differentiated by their own micro-climates, landscapes and traditions; making this destination worth spending an entire holiday or at the end of a trip when traveling through mainland Spain.

IKON consultants have remained loyal to this mythical archipelago and have created bespoke tours in which to enjoy the Canaries in a unique way.

With kilometers of pristine gold sandy beaches, the Canary Islands provide an all-year-round plethora of world championship windsurfing spots, deep sea fishing, sailing and first-class deep sea diving experiences. Discover a range of colorful fish along volcanic seabeds, underwater caves, arches and tunnels, or hike across volcanic mountains such as Teide and Roque Nublo.

Wines of the Canary Islands are made from unique grape varieties as a result of the Canaries high altitude, volcanic soils and trade winds. The Canary Islands are also renowned for their coffee and are one of the only destinations within the Northern Hemisphere where travelers are able to visit an authentic coffee plantation.

With a tropical climate, the Canaries produce a cornucopia of succulent fruits and vegetables such as bananas, avocados, papayas and potatoes. The Islands cuisine is full of authenticity, flavor and color. While on your visit we recommend that you try “Papas con Mojo” , a local dish consisting of potatoes boiled in their jackets and served with a Mojo sauce, or perhaps “Conejo en adobo”, better known to the locals as rabbit. End off your local dining experience with “Bienmesabe”, a Spanish dessert of the Canaries or savor a variety of the islands world-renowned goat’s cheese.

While visiting this destination you will be granted access to some of the most exclusive hotels and accommodation as well as expert knowledge on where to enjoy some of the best local produce – whether in a fine dining restaurant or local bar.

We invite you to discover the Canary Islands natural beauty, history and culture, enjoy its savory and sweet treats, warm climate and jaw dropping landscapes.

Contact our IKON travel experts to help plan your idyllic getaway to this Garden of the Hesperides.



  • Canary Islands, the Garden of the Hesperides
  • Walk along gold sandy beaches
  • Nutrient rich volcanic soils
  • Mild tropical climate
  • Discover each islands individual landscapes and traditions
  • All-year-round windsurfing spots and deep sea diving opportunities
  • Snorkeling along volcanic seabeds
  • Hike across volcanic mountains
  • Taste the Canaries unique grape varieties and wines
  • Experience local cuisine