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Asturian Celtic Adventure

Join IKON on a magical journey through the ancient Kingdom of Asturios, the home of true Spanish culture. Situated in the North and Northwest of Spain, the territories of Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia and Leon make up the area known as the “Green Northern Spain”.

A unique area with nearly 3.000km of cliff-like coastlines dotted with picturesque fishing ports and estuaries against a backdrop of rugged mountainous terrain, with elevations reaching almost 3.000m in altitude. This geographical landscape gave rise to an extraordinary fragmentation of the territory into small isolated valleys, favoring the existence of natural areas of high ecological value such as National and Natural Parks which are the last refuges of the Cantabrian brown bear and the wolf in Western Europe.

This area pays homage to the legacy of the Ástures, Cántabros and Galaicos, three groups of Celtic people who populated the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Explore the traditional architecture such as the granaries (“hórreos”); the “brañas” or cowherd/shepherd settlements; understand the popular art through traditional Celtic motifs; taste the culture of cider and wine, and dance to traditional Celtic music.

Asturias certainly has its own collection of unique cuisine including seafood, stews, cheeses and drinks. Different dishes originate from different municipalities of the region. Try some delectable dishes such as “cachopo” a traditional pork dish, or “fabada”, white beans stewed with shoulder pork, chorizo, blood sausage and saffron. Try the delicious local fish and shellfish, such as the “pixín”, “rey”, lobster, or king spider crab at a restaurant in a fishing village such as Tazones or LLanes.

And to finish it off, indulge your palate in the sweet “casadielles”, “moscovitas” and “carbayones” at one of the oldest pâtisseries (which dates to 1914), in the magnificent city of Oviedo founded in the 8th century. Sample some of the many cheeses like “Cabrales”, “Afuega’l Pitu”, and “Gamonéu” at a cheese farm where the peculiarities of these award winning cheeses will be explained.

Exploring the traditional culture, local gastronomy, hiking, horseback-riding, cycling routes & boat excursion are only some of the multiple ways in which this part of Spain will conquer your senses.



  • Rugged mountainous terrain
  • Pâtisseries
  • Delectable dishes such as “cachopo” and "fabada”
  • National and Natural Parks
  • Cantabrian brown bear
  • City of Oviedo
  • Savor “Cabrales”, “Afuega’l Pitu”, and “Gamonéu” cheese
  • Traditional architecture
  • Local cider and wine
  • Hiking, horseback-riding, cycling routes

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