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Wine Country Adventures

Dates for 2020 coming soon 
DESTINATION: Iberian Peninsula – Spain
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This Hosted Journey will depart with a minimum of 8 Travelers

What makes the Iberian Peninsula a truly unique wine country is its combination of blending tradition, innovation and the process of creating extraordinary new red wines. With regards to winemaking, the Douro River Valley is in itself an old European terroir where the vineyards grow along the river’s edge and enologists allow themselves to be entirely inventive.

IKON have blended a 10 – day trip following the mystical Douro River which traverses through the land of Old Castile (central Spain), entering Portugal, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean through the charming city of Porto – one of Western Europe’s most beautiful destinations.

Departing from Madrid, your Hosted Journey itinerary has been designed to showcase the diverse worlds of highly acclaimed Spanish and Portuguese wines. Visit family owned wineries; take a trip through their vineyards and learn about their unique grape varieties. For an unforgettable experience, along with an enologist, discover the origins of artisan winemaking in a wine cave, carved inside solid rock. You may have the chance to taste the wine straight from the barrels – only if fermentation and ageing allows. Savor outstanding 95 Robert Parker point wines as well as limited editions which are only exclusively available at some of the most refined Spanish wineries.

Once in Portugal, enjoy a vintage experience at one of Porto’s most significant wine cellars where you will appreciate 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old port wines. Take a day trip to Portugal’s beautiful vineyards and visit a family owned winery which has been producing white wines since 1710. In Portugal you will also delight your taste buds with the favored Portuguese Vinho Verde or “green wine”. Cuisine pairs beautifully with wine and for that reason we have included some of the most mouthwatering gastronomic discoveries for you to enjoy. Experience a degustation menu at one of the winery restaurants with views overlooking the vineyards, enjoy a light lunch at an old country house and try the finest traditional cuisine at Plaza Mayor (Main Square).

The Sierras (mountain range) between Spain and Portugal offer spectacular landscapes and a location which brings us closer to the true essence of the Iberian Peninsula. Sierras national parks are protected and the rural traditions have remained unchanged keeping traditional artisanal produce alive such as the local Manchego cheese. It is here where you will be able to experience the art, craft and process behind this exceptional delicacy. Meander through the magical Sierras, gazing upon phenomenal landscapes, vineyards and small villages.

Our French expert says: “The concept of this tour is not to run between wineries but to discover and enjoy the land in the most romantic way. This means through the senses. You will discover what makes the Iberian Peninsula unique in the modern world and go beyond the extraordinary beauty of landscapes and historical treasures. This is a land where genius persists as a reality due to a very deep knowledge brought down from rural traditions combined with creative instinct…”

Departing from Madrid, your Hosted Journey itinerary has been designed to showcase the diverse worlds of highly acclaimed Spanish and Portuguese wines.



  • Highly acclaimed Spanish and Portuguese wines
  • Family owned wineries
  • Unique grape varieties
  • Discover the origins of artisan winemaking in a wine cave
  • Tastings straight from the wine barrels
  • 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old port wines
  • Portuguese Vinho Verde or “green wine”
  • Degustation menus
  • Local Manchego cheese
  • Sierras (mountain range)

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