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The Iberian Soul

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Andalucía – Spain
PRICE: $ 11,190.00 pps

This Hosted Journey will depart with a minimum of 10 Travelers

Along these routes you will discover something exciting amongst its culture and cuisine, offering a modern approach to the enchanting mysteries of Southern Spain.

Your tour will highlight an approach to Andalucía as never experienced before. The destinations of Sevilla, Granada, Jerez, the surrounding mountains and kilometers of coastline will cater for the discerning traveler in the most unique and exclusive way. Feel the passion, energy and magic from within the soul of this land under the expert guidance of our IKON team.

Visit a Spanish “hacienda”, a traditional stud farm where you will learn all about the magnificent breed of pedigreed horses. Practice falconry, one of the most fascinating old Moorish traditions at a chasse hunting lodge or join a tour to a private bull livestock farm.

Do not leave without a visit to Doñana National Park. This Natural Area is considered one of the most important protected natural areas of Europe. A crucial crossroads for bird migration routes between Africa and Europe and also the last refuge for many endangered species.

For the wine connoisseur, visit a family owned winery and taste the aged Ana, a rare Sherry production or so called V.O.R.S Sherry. V.O.R.S wines are a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 50 years old.

Andalucía is all about art, passion and maestria, hence the offer is diverse with private art galleries in a winery counting some of the great Spanish masters from Velasquez to Goya. Experience a private flamenco with a camaderie of Gypsies and visit the Picasso museum. Enjoy special tours at the most important Moorish monuments: The Alcázar and the Alhambra.

Take a day tour in private 4×4 vehicles to the White Villages located in the mountains around Ronda, a worldwide symbol of Southern Spain.

Savor many authentic gourmet experiences hosted by locals and expert maestros in a totally different Andalucían gastronomic art form. From a luncheon at a traditional restaurant in Jerez – in a former winery, an Iberian ham tasting in one of the last truly family run businesses, or a succulent dinner at a very traditional restaurant situated in an old palace house of the 19th century.

Overlook the El Tajo canyon while reminiscing over your day, wake up opposite la Alhambra or enjoy a sundowner from the terrace of your old European palace on the beach.

Visit a family owned winery and taste the aged Ana, a rare Sherry production or so called V.O.R.S Sherry.



  • Sevilla, Granada and Jerez
  • Traditional Spanish stud farm
  • Practice falconry
  • Doñana National Park
  • Visit a family owned winery
  • Private art galleries
  • Flamenco dance experience
  • Picasso museum
  • Authentic gourmet experience
  • Private 4×4 vehicles to the White Villages

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