Spain is a country filled with historical splendor, rich architectural heritage and gastronomic wonders. IKON adds these perfectly crafted elements into your itineraries to experience Spain’s unique character with its magnificent scenery, luxurious villas and vast coast lines.

With such a diverse history, Spain carries a cultural influence that includes the Romans, Celtics and the Iberians all of which have contributed to what the country is today, an explosion of the senses that needs to be explored. You will never experience another country quite like Spain.

Let IKON take you on a customized itinerary, leaving you with lasting memories.

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Our Signature Journeys are customized to each individual requirement. We believe that each person has a unique travel preference. With our expertise we will ensure to create the right journey for you.

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We believe that our specially themed and privately guided journeys set us apart from the rest of the travel companies out there. This style of travel we call Hosted Journeys and it allows us to create amazing experiences by offering a privately guided itinerary for a small group of like-minded travelers.